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Magdalena Decaf, Colombia

Cherry, maple syrup & hazelnut
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Size: 250g box
Choose beans or grind: Wholebean

Tasting Notes

Roast Level: Light/Medium
Process: Washed, Sugarcane (E.A.) Decaffeinated
Varietal: Colombia, Castillo
Roaster's Notes: This coffee has been decaffeinated using the sugarcane process. A juicy acidity and sweetness like pure maple syrup,  with cherry and hazelnut undertones. 

Farm Info

Producer: Various Smallholders
Region: Magdalena, Caldas
Altitude:  1,600-1,800  masl

Background Information

These Colombia & Castillo coffee beans have been selected from various smallholder farmers from all over Caldas north of Huila in Colombia via Cedro Alto.

This sugar cane decaf is sourced from Cedro Alto Coffee, a group of small coffee farmers utilising the sharing ecomomy to export their microlots. They are focused on cup quality, environmental and economic sustainability, and transparency in the supply chain. They incentivise sustainable production of high-quality microlot coffee, achieve prices for farmers that improve their families' quality of life, and add value to roasters though transparency and direct trade relations.

Sugarcane ethyl acetate (E.A.) processing, commonly referred to as natural decaffeination, starts with a gentle decaffeination process with water steam and ethyl acetate (a natural side product from the sugar and wine fermentation) – to leave the high quality beans with a full flavour profile.

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