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Santa Maria de Lourdes, Nicaragua

Tasting Notes

Blessed are the coffee growers! This saintly bean boasts the holy trinity of floral, fruity and buttery tones. A full body and a crisp acidity makes this coffee perfect on batch and for pour-over - only on a Sunday though!

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San Fernando, Nueva Segovia


1550 masl


Yellow Catuai



The 40 hectares of natural mountain forest that make up Finca Santa Maria de Lourdes have been under the ownership of Octavio Peralta since 1970 although for many years the area was used as a war zone during the Sandinista uprising and was heavily mined. The UN cleared the area of ​​mines in the late 1980s and Octavio began restoring the exceptional coffee production in this relatively wild region since 1994. Octavio has dedicated himself to this cause as well as preserving nature, a habitat that is recognized as a major factor in the production of its fantastic coffee. Of the 80 hectares of arable land available, 40 have been reserved for the sole purpose of maintaining and improving the natural habitat. The farm has obtained rainforest alliance certification in recognition of this decision and contributes to the continued conservation of its surroundings. It also has a well-equipped kitchen that caters to the 60 permanent workers and 150 pickers during the major harvest. The varieties found here include caturra and catuai, as well as the heirloom known as Javanica.

The Peralta Family coffee-growing history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only in 2008 that brothers Julio and Octavio shifted focus to developing unique specialty preparations. We are privileged to have known the Peraltas for several years and have always admired the attitude and values that they have brought to their operation. We are delighted to bring their microlots and special preparations to Europe. From single plot, single varietal separations to carefully controlled extended fermentations, the Peralta family continue to position themselves at the forefront of specialty coffee innovation.

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