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Agata, Brazil

Peach, dark chocolate & hazelnut
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Size: 250g box
Choose beans or grind: Wholebean

Tasting Notes

Roast Level: Light
Process: Natural
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Roaster's Notes: This peachy coffee from Brazil represents lovely base-y notes that we know and love from this region. Big chocolate & hazelnut vibes with a sweet peach finish

Farm Info

Producer: O Coffee
Region: Alta Mogiana
Altitude: 910 masl

Background Information

O coffee is a 2000 hectare estate, in Alta Mogiana. Large estate, akin to Daterra, producing large volume, consistent product from 81-85 point every harvest.

Alta Mogiana is a traditional coffee region covering the northeast of the State of São Paulo and also some cities in the State of Minas Gerais. The tradition of producing the best coffees comes due to natural conditions as altitude, climate and ideal rainfall and as a result of extensive experience in growing and processing specialty coffees. Known worldwide for producing Arabica coffees of exceptional quality, with a distinct profile, featuring balanced body and acidity, excellent natural sweetness and a caramelized fragrance, the region is located on a plateau with an altitude between 800 meters and 1200 meters, being Pedregulho one of the highest cities of the region and the state.

O’Coffee is deeply involved with a commitment of responsibility towards the socio-cultural development of the community in an environment which the company operates. That motivation is what makes them reach the Level A certification of the Rainforest Alliance as an excellence standard.

They  have a deep commitment to ethics and quality of life of the community that surrounds it and the society in general. O’Coffee performs numerous projects that benefit many people and organizations in the city. The bulk of these projects is in supporting the Municipal Nursery Alaide Quercia, the Volunteer Program of Farm Workers, Reforestation Project, Family Garden, as well as supplying environmental conferences and training courses for employees and their families.

It is adapted to high altitudes, allowing the coffee beans absorb more nutrients during their maturation process, presenting high yields. It has smaller tree size compared to Bourbon. Another great characteristic of Catuai is the resistance to rust, a typical disease of coffee plants.


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