Dota Tarrazu, Costa Rica

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Tasting Notes

Roast Level: Medium
 Fully washed & Honey processed
Varietal: Caturra and Catuai
Roaster's Notes: A sweet coffee which sings with rich caramel notes, coupled with a raspberry fruitiness on the side of the tongue. Excellent in a flat white.

Farm Info

Producer: CoopeDota R.L
Dota Valley, Los Santos
Altitude: 1,550 - 1,750 metres

Notes: Prior to the arrival of Coopedota, coffee farming in the area of Los Santos was difficult. The producers had little or no expertise in the agronomic process, the coffee was sold to middlemen who paid producers unfairly and there were no wet mills nearby, which meant a long trip to be able to process their coffee
Mr Estanislao Ureña Mora was responsible for introducing coffee to the area, and gave seed to his brother Jose Ureña Mora. Between the two, they sowed a plantation of 2 hectares and produced their coffee without the use of agrochemicals.

In 1929 a wet mill was built in Santa Maria, but as there was so much uncertainty in prices, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department where farmers were recommended on how to process their own coffee. Thus was born Coopedota R.L. At the end of the previous century came the pioneers and settlers and they marveled upon finding these valleys. Soon the word spread about the natural beauty of Santa Maria de Dota and the town was born, which today, despite the onslaught of technology, inhabitants remain firm to their traditions passed down from generation to generation. In the pre-Columbian era the territory which is currently the county of Dota, was inhabited by indigenous people from the kingdom of Huetar Este.

The name of the county, according to the popular version, originated from the voyages carried out by the chieftain of the natives, named OTA by the Quepos Indians, who crossed the region on his travels between the Central Valley and his home village; the word grew into DOTA, which means "High Mountain"

Brew Guide

Filter: This makes for a super sweet filter. Try through the V60 or Chemex using 15g of coffee per cup, to 225g of just off boiling water