Kihungu United, Uganda

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Tasting Notes

Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: SL28, SL14, Nyasaland
Roaster's Notes: This marks the first Ugandan coffee we have had in at Garage, and it is certainly a delight. It has a tart marmalade flavour, with a sweet peach finish and berry aroma. A unique tasting coffee, definitely one to try.

Farm Info

Producer: 145 smallholder farmers, of which 132 female farmers
Rwenzori Mountains
Altitude: 1,500 metres

Notes: The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union (BJCU) in Kyarumba, lies on the foot of Uganda’s picturesque Rwenzori Mountains. They are known among locals for their extinct volcanoes. The tectonic, fertile soil and topography are promising pre-conditions for a distinct coffee. Mount Rwenzori is referred to as the “Mountain of the Moon – the rain maker”. 

Historically, the crop in Uganda has been fruitful and rich, thanks to the Nyasaland – an Arabica coffee variety relatively unknown. Over the years, a gradual switch to the varieties SL28 and SL14 has taken place. Among farmers, the debate is ongoing as to which one is the best. So nowadays you find a mix of all three varieties across many smallholder farmers’ land. Seedlings of the SL28 are extensively promoted by governmental authorities as the best variety, and handed to growers.

SL28 was created by Scott Laboratories in Kenya, and resulted from a series of experiments in the early 1930s. The variety – belonging to the Bourbon family – is producing excellent cup qualities with unique fruit flavours. Many coffee lovers immediately link SL28 to Kenya, which is famous for it’s complex fruit and berry cup characteristics, bright acidity, and exceptional sweetness.

Filter: With these delicious sweet fruity notes, this is a perfect coffee for the chemex or V60. Have a go with 16g of coffee to 240g water (just off boiling) per cup.

Espresso: This coffee also makes for a top espresso, if you like to try something different. Have a go with 18.7g in, 24 second extraction and a yield of 35g.