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Abahika, Ethiopia

Marshmallow, blueberry & black tea
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Size: 250g box
Choose beans or grind: Wholebean

Tasting Notes

Roast Level: Light
Process: Natural
Varietals: JARC 74110, 74112
Roaster's Notes: This tasty lot fills the cups with super sweet marshmallow & blueberry notes coupled with a black tea finish. A delicate, but delicious natural coffee.

Farm Info

Producer: Mensur Abahika
Region: Gera, Jimma
Altitude: 2,000 metres

Background Information

It is only in the past few years that the Ethiopian authorities have allowed for single farmers to export their own coffees and it's believed Mensur - and his 18 hectare farm in Kota, Gera - are at the forefront of a really exciting change in this country's coffee history. Most coffees from Ethiopia come from a specific Cooperative, wherein many small farm holders from that region/cooperative deliver their cherries to get processed. The main harvests happen from October to December and is done exclusively through selective hand-picking. A single farm offering from Ethiopia is rare, and very exciting.

Mensur's coffees are exceptionally sweet and clean, where historically Jimma has been known for it's low grade naturals, Mensur really showcases what high quality procedures and proper care of processing can achieve. This lot has more of an identity that reflects the pursuit to understand the variances with in the coffees that grow in Ethiopia, the origin of all coffees.

The Varietal 74110 is used as a reference by researchers from JARC. This variety has high CBD resistance and high-yield potential, and through a series of experiments the selection was approved in 1979 as an improved variety for agro-ecology and started being distribute to farmers across many areas of the country. Since its release it has become one of the most famous and propagated varieties in Ethiopia, known for its floral and citrus flavour profile.

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