Sanremo Verona RS

WCE certified temperature stability and energy efficient extraction, the Verona RS is a classic sporty espresso machine with a retro design.

Behind each group head on the Sanremo Verona RS you will find an insulated PID controlled stainless steel boiler capable of producing an unmatched coffee consistency. The boilers are larger than ever and fed by warm water, resulting in the Sanremo Verona RS taking one great leap towards ultimate temperature stability. The Verona RS is heaving with new features; among them is an intelligent display above each group head displaying real time group temperature as well as well as the espresso shot time. If that's not enough baristas now have the facility to programme the pre-infusion offering precise coffee extraction on a new level.

Machine Size Options: 2 Group, 3 Group. 

Tall Option:
 2 Group, 3 Group

Colour Option: Matt Black/Gloss White/Gloss Red

Boiler: 0.5l Realtime Stability boiler per group, 8.6l dedicated steam boiler

Download full technical specifications here

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