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Sopade, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tasting Notes

A sweet blueberry acidity compliments deeper notes of cocoa and brazil nut for a rich, buttery, and nutty cup.

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Size: 250g box
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South Kivu


1,500 masl





The Sopade Coffee Cooperative firmly believes in the power of unity. By joining forces, the coffee farmers around Lake Kivu have empowered themselves to seize control of their enterprises and enhance their quality of life. These small-scale farmers, who once faced exploitation and marginalization at the hands of larger coffee buyers, decided to reclaim their agency and improve their circumstances.

In 2017, these coffee growers collaborated to establish a non-profit association. Over the course of three years, this association evolved into the Sopade Coffee Cooperative. The cooperative boasts essential facilities such as a sustainable-materials washing station, a warehouse, two motorized pirogues for transporting cherries, a NISSAN jeep, and a TVS motorbike dedicated to staff transportation.

Sopade Coffee Cooperative is an active participant in the Réseau des Coopératives
des Producteurs du Café Cacao (RCPCA), a network uniting cooperatives engaged in the production of coffee and cocoa. Through their collective efforts, these farmers are not only cultivating exceptional coffee but also contributing to a network that strengthens the position of cooperative producers in the coffee and cocoa industry.

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