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Disposable Cups; How can we make a difference?

Disposable Cups; How can we make a difference?

Over the last few years, especially during the height of the pandemic, we have taken note of the huge amounts of disposable packaging we use. This is an issue that is SO important for us tackle head on, for the environment and future coffee lovers!

Why does it matter when your takeaway cups are compostable?!

They are compostable, however how many compost bins have you seen in Canterbury, Whitstable or even Kent?! There are actually so few composting plants in the UK, making the processing of compostable cups very tricky.

Compostable cups have to be processed in a very specific way in order to actually sufficiently break down and be composted. Therefore, although the word 'compostable' sounds great, the majority of this packaging still ends up in landfill.


How about recyclable cups?

Great idea! However, again there are very few recycling bins on the high street. When customers buy their takeaway coffees and go for a wander, they have nowhere to effectively dispose of them unless they take them home.


What are we going to do about it?!

We have decided to introduce a 10p charge for all our disposable takeaway cups. Our sole reason for this is to try and encourage customers to bring in their own reusable cups, rather than using disposable takeaway cups that ultimately, usually end up in landfill. This is something that a few smaller coffee shops as well as larger chains have trialled; some even scrapping disposable cups completely including Boston Tea Party and fellow Kent business, Otto's Coffee House, with huge success.


Are you just doing this for financial gain?

No! We are not financially benefitting from this scheme at all, rather the 10p charge is being given straight to a charity that will change quarterly. The team chose Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) as our first charity. We are not financially benefitting from this scheme at all. 

We sell reusable coffee cups in our shops, but we are absolutely happy to make your coffee in your own cup (as long as it is clean, of course!). If you buy one of our reusable Huskee cups, your first coffee is on us. 


Help us to do our bit to protect our future 🧡

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