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Have you ever wondered how to make coffee shop standard coffee at home,  but not known how to get started? Team Garage are here to help!

Coffee doesn't have to be overcomplicated and can actually be very easy and still super delicious! Here are our top tips to get you started:

Get yourself set up with a simple kit

To make a proper coffee (no instant around here!) you will inevitably need a few bits to get started. A v60 or 'drip filter' is the perfect place to start. Filter is so simple and quick to make, produces amazing flavours and is really budget friendly. All you need is:

- V60 cone

- Filter Papers

- Scales (yes, scales. Essential!)

- A kettle/boiling water

- Medium ground coffee (Preferably Garage but we wont judge)

That's it! Lets make a coffee...

1) Start by boiling the kettle. You want to use water slightly cooler than boiling, so once boiled, give the water a minute or two to cool. 

2) Position your v60 cone, with filter, on top of your cup. Dampen the filter with some hot water (this will warm the cup too!). Pour this water away.

3) Weigh 15g ground coffee into your v60. Zero your scales.

4) Let's pour! Pour a little water over the grounds; just enough to cover them and release that CO2! It should look bubbly and golden; this is called the bloom.

5) Gradually pour more water over the grounds, in circular motions, until you reach 225g of water. This should take about 2-3 minutes. Let this all drip through.

   6) Pop your filter paper and grounds in your                 compost bin, and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of excellence!


   We recommend trying your v60 on its own (no milk or sugar); you might be surprised with how  subtle and crisp it is!

Click here buy a v60 starter kit (or get ahead on the Christmas shopping and buy for the coffee lover in your life!)
Happy brewing!


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