Down, but not out.

It’s the moment we knew was coming, but we have decided that as of Friday 20th March we will be closing our shops in Canterbury & Whitstable for the foreseeable future.

This is a decision we’ve reached in part due to the immediate drop off in trade, but also an increasing moral obligation to do the right thing. Ultimately, we’re all in the same situation and have to respond to this global health crisis, so by taking these steps we are ensuring the safety of our customers and staff and doing our bit to reduce the spread.

We know we’ll be heavily dependent on the Government to support us through this difficult period, but until this point we’ve built a small, successful and profitable business employing 20 members staff, so know we’ll bounce back as soon as we can.

Our roastery will remain open as normal, and you can still order our bags of coffee to be delivered through the post as usual.

Stay safe, and see you on the other side ✌🏻

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Sandy Crichton

Wishing you safe and well Alice and Luke and all your staff and thanks for your measured reassuring and positive message.
May you come through this storm! With love from Sandy xxx

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