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Drip Filter

drip filter brew guide

What you'll need

V60/Alternative cone brewer• V60 filter papers • brewing vessel
freshly boiled water • medium ground coffee • scales • timer


1 - Boil the kettle a few minutes before using to allow it a rest period to help it reach its optimum temperature.
The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 92°c - 95°c.

2 - Fold the edges of your paper filter and place into the V60 cone - or other cone brewer - and pour some of the hot water through to flush, this gets rid of that papery taste.
Preheat your brewing vessel at the same time, before discarding all water pre-brewing.

3 - Add your coffee into the cone. You want to use around 15g of medium grind coffee per 225g of water. 
Make up to three cups by multiplying the amounts accordingly.

4 - Start your timer and pour 50g of water over your grounds to begin the "bloom" - leave it to sit for around 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds slowly add water, in concentric circles up to 150g total weight.
Let steep through until the timer reaches 1:30 before adding remaining water to weigh total of 225g in the same controlled pour as before.
(If doing larger quantities, continue to pour through 150g every 60 seconds)

5 - Give one firm swirl of the v60, and let all the water filter through.
Allow an extra 20 to 30 second for the last drips before serving. 

Pro Tip: Pour in a gentle, clockwise spiral motion starting from the centre and moving towards the outside of the V60. Do this every time you add more water, the stream should be light enough to do a full spiral without it becoming too full. This allows for a more balanced brew!