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cafetiere brew guide

What you'll need

Cafetiere • coffee beans/grounds • grinder (optional) • scales (optional) • dessert spoon
freshly boiled water • timer

Step 1

Preheat your cafetiere by swirling around some freshly boiled water before discarding. For a large cafetiere (1000ml+), we recommend 60g of coffee to 850g of water. If you have a smaller cafetiere (350ml-900ml), use a ratio of 7g of coffee to every 100g of water.

Step 2

Pour some just-off boiling water over the dry coffee and saturate all the grounds. Leave for a minute, and then add the remaining water. By doing this you are allowing all of the CO2 in the coffee to escape, making for a much smoother cup.

Step 3

Pop the lid on (without stirring) and leave for around 2 minutes. Then take the lid of again, give it a good stir, and pop the lid back on leaving for another 2 minutes. Plenty of time to get the biscuits out!

Step 4

Now for the fun bit, plunge! Not too fast (slow and steady wins the race). Then serve immediately. Mmm smells amazing right? Invite us round next time!