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aeropress brew guide

What you'll need

An Aeropress • freshly ground coffee (fine to medium grind) • scales (optional) • kettle

Step 1

Place a clean filter paper in the Aeropress cap and secure it to the body. Place the body cap down onto a cup/jug and flush with hot water to warm the Aeropress and rinse your filter paper. Then discard the water.

Step 2

Add your ground coffee to the Aeropress. For one cup, we recommend 12g of coffee. Pour in 200g of just off boiling water, making sure all of the grounds are covered.

Step 3

Give the coffee a good stir with your Aeropress paddle (you can use a spoon, just be careful not to disturb the filter paper at the bottom) and then leave for about 90 seconds.

Step 4

Now careful insert the plunger at a slight angle. Give a slight pull up to create a vacuum, and then when you're ready push! The trick is to take it nice and slow. The plunge should last at least 30 seconds. To much pressure or going to fast could cause the cup/jug to slip, so be careful!

Step 5

Once complete, you have an amazing cup to enjoy! We recommend doing no more than 2 cups of coffee in the Aeropress. To brew 2 cups, use twice the amount of coffee (24g) but the same amount of water (200g) then, once brewed divide between two cups and top up with hot water.

Watch us brewing, take a look at our 2 minute Aeropress brewing video...