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Stovetop Pot

stovetop brew guide

What you'll need

Stovetop • boiling water • freshly ground coffee (medium to fine) • kettle
a heat source (gas/electric stove)• oven gloves/tea towel

Step 1

Boil the kettle and unscrew your stovetop pot. When the kettle is boiled, fill the bottom part of the pot up to the valve with hot water.

Step 2

Fill up the basket with ground coffee and level it down by patting it with your hand. Place the basket back into the stovetop pot with the spout pointing downwards, then screw the pot back together. Be careful, it will be very hot. Use oven gloves or a folded tea towel for safety.

Step 3

Put the pot on the low to medium heat and keep your ears open...

Step 4

As soon as you hear a gurgling noise, your coffee is ready! Remove from the heat (again, be careful) and run the bottom half of the pot under cold water - this will stop it from continuing to heat up the coffee.

Step 5

Serve immediately and enjoy as espresso or top with hot water/milk for a longer drink.