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espresso brew guide

What you'll need

An espresso machine •  good quality espresso grinder (optional, but recommended) • scales (optional) • freshly ground coffee • tamp • timer

Step 1

Make sure that your espresso machine is super clean before you start. A dirty machine will make dirty espresso! Once cleaned, flush the grouphead out by running without any coffee.

Step 2

Fill the portafilter (basket) until you have a small mound of  ground coffee, then level with your finger. For great espresso, you need to weigh the dose going in. We recommend starting at 18g with a very fine grind. 

Step 3

Once you have got the right weight in your basket, use the tamp to press the coffee down. Not too hard but perfectly level.

Step 4

Now put the handle into the espresso machine, locking it in tightly, and start extracting immediately. Extraction should last between 25-30 seconds with the aim of getting twice the amount of coffee out as you put in. (I.e if you used 18g of ground coffee, you should aim to get 36g of espresso)

Step 5

Once complete, remove the handle and portafilter, discard the coffee grounds, and enjoy your delicious espresso. But remember to go back and clean your machine once you've finished!