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How to give second life to your used coffee grounds!

How to give second life to your used coffee grounds!

If you are anything like us at Garage HQ, you get through a LOT of coffee and that means you chuck away lots of coffee grounds. What if we gave you some great ways to repurpose your spent grounds?! Read on to find a few ideas to utilise your discarded coffee:


Use it as a fertiliser for your plants!

Probably the most common use for spent coffee grounds, fertilising your plants with coffee is a brilliant idea (for the planet, your pocket and the plants!).

Coffee grounds contain several key minerals and nutrients essential to successful plant growth. The coffee grounds also attract worms which are great for your garden. Simply sprinkle your grounds on the soil surrounding your plants and watch them thrive!



Compost it!

Some studies have found that compost made with coffee grounds and kitchen waste, was more nutrient rich than compost with kitchen waste alone. Coffee grounds in your compost also produce much less greenhouse gas emissions than regular compost. How good is that?! Simply pop your spent coffee grounds on your compost heap or bin, and use as you need them. 

P.s did you know our coffee filter papers are compostable? So no need to faff about separating your grounds and filter.


Make a body scrub!

Hear us out. Coffee is grainy and abrasive so is GREAT at scrubbing away any impurities. No, it doesn't smell like Snow Fairy but it does a great job and it's free! The caffeine in coffee is also a great antioxidant, which can make the skin appear brighter and more hydrated. All you need is:

- 120g Coffee Grounds

- 6 tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

- 3 tbsp Sea salt or Sugar

Mix the above together and scrub all over your body (avoiding your eyes) and wash off thoroughly. Store it in an airtight star for a month and use 2-3 times a week. Hello smooth, happy skin!


Repel pesky inspects!

Coffee is toxic to lots of bugs and animals, therefore a perfect way to repel them! Particularly good at deterring mosquitoes, beetles and fruit flies, place pots of coffee grounds around your outside seating area so that you can dine alfresco without being bothered by pesky bugs!

Sprinkle on your garden, to not only fertilize, but also deter sneaky slugs and snails from eating your plants.

(Be careful though; coffee can be toxic to dogs and cats so make sure they cannot access it!)


So there you have it. Now there's not need to bin your coffee grounds ever again! Let us know how you utilise your used coffee grounds on Instagram 🌱

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