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We’re really excited to be a part of the Kent Breakfast Box, a new on-demand delivery service that gets a high quality fry-up to the people of Kent! We sat down with Katie at Paddlesworth Produce to have a chat about what’s in store for customers.



What is Paddlesworth Produce? How did it come about? How did you first get involved with Kentish produce?

I first moved down to Kent last summer to work on a Beef Cattle Farm, during networking events and personal trips I soon realised what an abundance of high quality produce this county has. I have also always been an advocate for shopping locally, and believe that supporting our small, local businesses can not only benefit our local economy and population, but also has a positive effect environmentally. I realised however that a lot of this produce is inaccessible or inconvenient for a large percentage of the county. I soon discovered that online ordering and home delivery could make purchasing these fantastic products a lot easier for people, and still benefit our local businesses and environment. Hence, Paddlesworth Produce was born.

At its heart, Paddlesworth Produce is a small, high-welfare pig & poultry farm between Folkestone and Dover: this is where our bacon, sausages and eggs come from. Other products are then outsourced from small, local businesses and producers to offer an entire Breakfast selection to our customers including bread, black pudding, butter, yoghurt and condiments.


What else is in the Breakfast Box? What makes these products a cut above the rest?

Our Breakfast for Two and Family-Sized boxes include our home grown free-range eggs, sausages and bacon from our small farm, alongside a freshly baked loaf and a homemade jar of jam. There are a range of locally-produced extras that you can add to the boxes including milk, sauces, Debonair Tea and Garage Coffee. We even have a Luxury breakfast box that contains a little of everything, for a real treat or special occasion.

All items in the boxes, whether from my own farm or sourced from local producers, are of the highest quality and are all free of artificial flavours, preservatives and colours. We carefully select the produce from businesses within Mid and South Kent, and are very choosy when it comes to environmentally-friendly packaging and production.


Where can customers order the box, and where is it available?

On our website our first deliveries take place on the 19th of April and every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month after that.



Any future plans and aims for the breakfast box?

I want to make buying local, high quality, tasty food convenient for the people of Kent, and the more I can offer for sale on my delivery rounds, the better. I am already working with some fantastic small businesses and producers, such as Garage Coffee, and I would love to be able to work with more! It would be great if one day my customers could do their entire shop with me, using only Kentish, high-welfare produce but one step at a time! Ultimately, our customers are the best people to suggest future developments and I am always listening, wherever the demand takes me, I am prepared to go.


How do you like to drink your Garage Coffee?

My favourite way to enjoy Garage Coffee is to let it brew slowly in a cafetière then add warm, frothy milk. In the summer however I absolutely adore an iced coffee and the easiest way is to pour coffee over ice cubes then add cold milk and give it a stir, or pop it all in a blender!


Don't forget to order your box before Friday 19th April! Make sure you add a bag of Maypole too.

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