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Montebello, Colombia

Tasting Notes

A great all rounder, and a classic example of a washed Colombian coffee.

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Antioquia, Medellín


1,750 – 2,100 masl





Montebello is located 52 km from the capital of Antioquia, Medellín. This municipality is known in the country as the “miracle of the mountains” as it was built in a natural mountainous paradise and is characterized by being a very important water source for the department. In this rich landscape we also find the oldest chapel in Antioquia and a great quantity and diversity of clear waters, originating from the beautiful “la Honda” ravine and “la Miel” river.

Montebello also has a strong potential as a result of its ancestral crops such as coffee, avocado, and hydrangeas. Beans and maize are also part of its agricultural offering.

The annual production of Hamacas single estate is of approximately 18.000 kilos of parchment, and the production of Sabanitas single estate is approximately of 70.000 Kilos of parchment annually. The owners of the estates are very environmental and social responsible since they do not use synthetic chemicals for pest control, and they hire people from the indigenous reservation Marcelino Tascón, from the Embera community, located in Valparaiso municipality.

The wet milling process is traditional washed with prolonged fermentations and then the Coffee is sun-dried in parabolic beds. The aromatic complexity of this Coffee comes mainly from the mineral richness of the volcanic soils of this area, the high altitude in which Coffee is cultivated, and also thanks to an special microclimate that comes from the tropical air masses coming from the Caribbean.

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