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Affogato experimentation with Simply Ice Cream!

Affogato experimentation with Simply Ice Cream!

Well someone had to do it. 

We teamed up with the wonderful people at Simply Ice Cream to put their ice cream to the test- affogato style.  

We chose a range of flavours to pair with our El Tucan Decaf from Mexico- some following the traditional affogato route and some more funky options.  

Here’s what we found: 


Simply’s Dreamy Vanilla 

We thought we’d start off paying homage to the traditional and our thoughts were confirmed: there’s always a reason to champion simplicity. 

Simply’s vanilla is extremely dreamy as it says on the tub- so having it as part of an affogato it feels like a more decadent iteration of our flat white.  

With a classic caramel smoothness and some higher berry notes cutting through, of course this is the perfect choice for an indulgent treat. 


Simply’s Mango & Passionfruit Sorbet 

This was an exciting one! 

If you have tried espresso with orange juice- this combo certainly had those vibes. The mango really works to brighten the acidity that is present in the espresso and there is a high citrus/grapefruityness in the decaf which is enhanced by the sorbet.  

Not the usual way to enjoy an affogato but probably the most refreshing way- perfect for a sweltering day and we would urge you to give it a go! 


Simply’s Peanut Brittle 

Opulence in a glass! This one felt very dessert-y and the sort of thing that would be perfect to serve if hosting your friends or family for dinner.  

The ice cream is reminiscent of an old-fashioned sweet shop but the addition of the espresso cuts through the sweetness of the brittle with its grapefruit acidity, which makes for a more mature experience on the palate.  


Simply’s Divine Chocolate 

Another nostalgic taste moment with this smooth chocolate ice cream!  

We expected to be experiencing tastes very similar to our mocha with this one but actually it was more reminiscent of a Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut bar or even potentially a Black Forest Gateaux.  

The combo of the espresso and ice cream gave a raisin-y sweetness with a satisfying depth.  


Simply’s Stem Ginger & Marmalade 

This one was very special! 

If you’re looking to whip up a quick tiramisu, fast track and make an affogato with this flavour. The subtle orange in a tiramisu is brought out with the marmalade ingredient mixed with the espresso.  

The heat from the ginger brings a rum-like boozy warmth and made us think it would be perfect for a festive dessert over the Christmas season. 


Simply’s Vegan Vanilla 

 A second vanilla? Surely we can’t top the classic dreamy variety?  

Well the vegan variety gives us something completely different. Made with a creamy coconut base, this ice cream boasts tropical vibes but not just in a coconutty way. 

Drenched in our espresso, sweet banana and toffee notes shine through. That matched with the coconut base makes for a very refreshing cup. 

The vegan vanilla is a more refreshing option than the Dreamy Vanilla, with a clean mouthfeel which leaves a nice sweetness in terms of aftertaste.  

So if you are a fan of the classic affogato but would like a lighter option this is the one for you.  


Simply’s Heavenly Honeycomb 

Another choc box situation. This one reminded us very much of a Crunchie bar, Quality Street Toffee Finger or even your nan’s favourite, a Werther's Originals.  

In terms of an occasion for a honeycomb affogato- the coffee addition brings notes of bonfire toffee, so why not plan a delicious dessert for 5 November! 

This flavour is pretty sweet on its own but by pairing it with the espresso you can achieve more depth and darkness, making it more of an adult taste to enjoy.  


If you like what you’ve read, why not give some of these a go or try your own pairings with different flavours or coffee?  


Get your hands on our El Tucan Decaf here. It has been decaffeinated using the Mountain Water process. A lovely butterscotch sweetness comes through the cup, with a grapefruit & peach sweetness, that cuts through milk a dream.

If you want to brew at home like the pro's check out our brew guides to find your ideal method. 


Simply Ice Cream are a family run business in the heart of the Kentish countryside. For almost 15 years they have been batch making their natural, creamy ice cream with local and fresh ingredients. Simply Ice Cream have won numerous awards for their delicious flavours and can be found in over 450 outlets all over Kent. 

With over 30 flavours available they really do have something for everyone - from classics like chocolate, pistachio & mint choc chip to their more seasonal gingerbread, pumpkin, cinnamon and mince pie ice cream. 

They are the perfect dinner party dessert, either on their own or paired with something else. Online they have a minimum 6 tub order, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK. 

Use code SIMPLY15 to get 15% off Simply Ice Cream. Available until the end of the 2023. 




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