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Something for the weekend- Aeropress Tonic!

Something for the weekend- Aeropress Tonic!

Aeropress Tonic  

 Our take on the popular espresso tonic but this time easy for you to make at home or out n’ about travelling if you’re using the Aeropress Go!  



12g of coffee (we used our Migoti Hill, Burundi ground for Aeropress (fine-medium) this makes 1 cup of coffee so you can probably get 2 Aeropress Tonics out of it 

Tonic water (we chose an orange and elderflower variety but mix it up if you wish!)  


Slice of lime for garnish 

Wedge of lime for squeezing  


Aeropress Go



  1. Make your Aeropress ahead of time before you want to be drinking the cold drink. Following our recipe located here on our Aeropress Brew Guide.
  2. Let the coffee cool down. 
  3. Add a generous amount of ice to a glass, along with your lime slice and pour over your tonic water so it is three quarters full 
  4. Pour your Aeropress over the iced tonic water 
  5. Give your lime wedge a gentle squeeze into the drink- then you are good to sip away!  
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