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Book our Canterbury Meeting Room

Book our Canterbury Meeting Room

Did you know we have a meeting room in our Canterbury shop? 

The space on our second floor is ideal for many occasions and events and could be exactly what you’re looking for in the busy city centre! 

How much does it cost to book? 

We book in 2 hour slots, with just a minimum spend of £20 during weekdays and £30 at weekend which is great for workshops and classes as this adds up quickly and so you just pay for drinks etc not the room! 


Is it just workshops and classes that can book? 

No at all! Any social events, birthdays, work meetings, workshops or socials would be at home in the meeting room. Society get-togethers work really well and we’ve even had a short film premiere!  There is also a large table that would be perfect for board games! 

 Book readings or other intimate presentations or very intimate musical performances are some other ideas of what can work in the space.  


 Any other facilities?  

We also have a large screen visible from every seat for presentations or movies and you will be able to connect to Wi-Fi. 

Toilet access is very easy as it is just next door to the room (plus it has unmatched views of Canterbury Cathedral!)  


How do I book? 

The best way to book is to come in store and speak with us directly so we can book it in immediately. Alternatively, you can email Hannah who is our shop Manager and she can help to arrange your booking. Her email is 

What’s currently going on? 

At the moment we have art therapy sessions run by Marina Panayiotou Abstracts every other Tuesday and Adult Art Courses by Cygnini Crafts.  

We have a Community Board downstairs in the coffee shop where we advertise the public groups/events that are taking place in the meeting room so if this is something you would like for your event/group then we can help with that.  

Please get in touch if you would like to book our meeting room for a one off event or for a more regular session!  


Photos courtesy of Cygnini Crafts.

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