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Wholesale Spotlight: The Ivy Barn, Littlebourne

Wholesale Spotlight: The Ivy Barn, Littlebourne

When Steph came into our Canterbury shop mid-pandemic and said 'Can I serve your coffee in my new farm shop?!' we were super excited! The Ivy Barn, based in Littlebourne, is a farm shop and coffee stop all in one! They sell a whole array of local produce from fresh veg and flowers, to milk and fruit juice, as well as serving delicious coffee (ahem!) and locally made cakes. 

Hey Steph! Can you tell us a little bit about you and how The Ivy Barn came about?

The idea for the barn was like many others from last year-a lockdown project! We had a small fruit stall during the summer of 2020 where I sold my uncle’s cherries. This only came about as I had been on furlough for a few months and I wanted something to do with myself! It quickly became clear the village was in need of a place where people could meet up for a social and bring the community together. So over the following winter we started to convert an old building on the farm, and The Ivy Barn was born!



You sell so much beautiful Kentish produce! We are so lucky to have so much available on our doorstep. What is your favourite thing about living in Kent?

My favourite thing about living in Kent is having fresh produce that is so local to us! Especially in our little corner of the country! Growing up on a farm, I have always had a love for the outdoors and the countryside. Equally I love the seaside, which is another reason why Kent is great as it’s only a 5 minute drive to the sea from my house- so we have the best of both!



What is your coffee and cake of choice?!

It’s got to be a black americano and the good ol’ classic coffee and walnut for me!


We’re so glad you and your customers enjoy Garage Coffee; why did you choose us to be your coffee supplier?

I’d love to take credit for finding Garage but it was actually my boyfriend, Tom, who kept telling me about this amazing coffee he had found in Canterbury. Over last winter I went on a mission to find the best blend for our shop, and after trying one of Garage’s flat whites I knew the Maypole Blend was the one! (of course I tell the customers it was me who discovered you!) Not only does the coffee taste amazing, but everyone at Garage Coffee has been so supportive and helpful to us over our opening months. So much so that after all the great advice, we have just bought our new coffee machine through you guys!


Since opening The Ivy Barn in May 2021 what have you learnt, and what have you enjoyed the most?

I think the whole experience has been a major learning curve! We had (and still have) no idea how to run a business- so opening right before the summer has been very entertaining! We sort of hit the ground running so as Christmas approaches it’s nice things have started to level out.

We have been so lucky with how kind and supportive our customers have been, I would say meeting new people and making new friendships has been my favourite part by far! After last year, it has been lovely just seeing faces again!


Have you got anything exciting plans for the future of The Ivy Barn?

With Christmas around the corner, we have festive plans in full swing! We are so excited to deck the barn out in lots of festive gear. Along with Christmas coffees and festive nibbles. We have actually just started serving light lunches so hopefully we will be expanding our little menu as we go on.



You can find The Ivy Barn on Farm Court Hill, Littlebourne and follow them on Instagram here!

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